A summary of one week price of titanium dioxide Market in China

Column:Industry News Time:2017-10-23
I. The price trend chart of titanium dioxide market takes the sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide with large volume of domestic market as an example.

I. The price trend chart of titanium dioxide market takes the sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide with large volume of domestic market as an example. It can be seen from the chart that the overall average price of titanium dioxide fell slightly this week (July 15-19), from 14682 yuan / ton at the beginning of this week to 14642 yuan / ton at the end of this week, a decrease of 0.27%, weak demand, low price of raw materials and minerals, and the price of titanium dioxide is expected to rise in another way.

Figure: P value curve of titanium dioxide products in July (up / down: - 0.27%)
(photo source: Commodity analysis system of Business Club)

On July 18, the commodity index of titanium dioxide (sulfur. Gold. Factory) was 69.65, which was flat with that of yesterday, a new low in the cycle, 30.35% lower than the highest point of 100.00 on September 4, 2011. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now)

II. Market analysis

Weak transmission of industrial chain demand, small decline of raw titanium concentrate, titanium dioxide price & ldquo; alternative & rdquo; adjustment of inventory expectations.

This week, the market for titanium concentrate prices continued to be weak, and the transaction price reached a new low. The downstream titanium dioxide market has no substantial good support, and the trading market is relatively cold. Although the rectification of Panzhihua region forced some miners to stop production, the overall inventory pressure of the market without demand is still large, and the willingness of miners to ship is relatively strong, which has repeatedly led to a new low transaction price. At present, the price of 46 grade 10 titanium concentrate in Panzhihua area is between 890-930 yuan / ton (excluding tax), and there are rumors of low price. At present, the price of Vietnam a mine is 1420-1450 yuan / ton (excluding tax).

It was closed in the middle of July, and the market trading situation is still not ideal. In the case of unclear prospects, most manufacturers take the cautious measures of "keeping prices low". In Southwest China and central China, due to heavy rainfall, the road traffic is seriously blocked, and the output of titanium dioxide finished products from a few producers is relatively difficult. The raw material supply of those raw material mines and titanium dioxide processing plants located in two places is also difficult, and the producers selected by the two truckloads are even more difficult. The current output of the producers in the above situation has declined. Due to the difficulty of the main land supply line, they have to adopt the tributary route, and the logistics cost of small-scale automobile transportation of large tonnage goods is relatively high. If this dilemma continues, the producers in southwest and central China may take advantage of the favorable weather to adjust the price for the first time, but it does not exclude the instantaneous drop after the short-term existence of small-scale adjustment. The titanium dioxide analyst of the chemical branch of the business society expects to increase by 200-300 yuan / ton due to the small inventory pressure of the peer producers in other regions or the price follow-up.

In addition, according to the statistics database of business agency volume, a manufacturer in Central China started the car for the first time this week after several months of production suspension, and it is expected that products will be back to market next week. At present, most of the main quotation of rutile and anatase in sulfuric acid process in China is 12500-14000 yuan / ton and 11200-12500 yuan / ton (including tax).

Another rumor has it that a producer in South China was taken over by one of the four original shareholders and three others were withdrawn. Due to the change of shareholders, the current product price radius is large, and the main transaction price in the market is 12500-14500 yuan / ton (including tax). The manufacturer produces 100000 tons of rutile titanium dioxide annually.

III. future forecast

This week, titanium concentrate was weak, and titanium dioxide prices were low. Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst at business and chemical branch, said: the transaction price of raw ore repeatedly fell to a new low, unable to support the future market of titanium dioxide, but producers in southwest and central China may have price hikes, while enhancing other producers' price expectations. However, in the short term, titanium dioxide prices may remain low in the future market. Steady.